Signs And What They Are For Us

In the article The Kitchen Of Meaning the author talks about how we interpret the different signs we see in our daily life’s and how we give those signs a meaning. Where a person lives or buys tells me that person’s social status, also a person’s notebook or desk can indicate how organize that person is. We are always looking for the meaning behind the object or thing we have in front of us and this is one of the ideas the author is trying to expand in the article. However, not all the signs we see are easy to decode and I agree with the author since there are signs that have a more deeper meaning or most of the times are compose of more than just one meaning. Is like the author said, the study of signs and symbols (semiology) is becoming  more broad since the world is becoming more and more complex. Now there are other ideas and  belief that were not present during the past years something that can make a single object  have a different significance for different people. Because of this our ways of looking at a sign can still change over the course of time.


One thought on “Signs And What They Are For Us

  1. Nicely done and well written. it this true that we have the tendency to interpret signs as having more than one meaning and as time passes by, the world becomes more complex and the way that we look at something one day may not be the same the next time we look at it, for example, a painting. This is connected to our experiences.
    ***check your grammar**
    for example, your first sentence, :signs we see in our daily (lives) and …one good strategy is to read this out loud to yourself or have someone else read it

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