Mind Over Mass Media by Professor Steven Pinker

In this essay professor Steven Pinker Shows his point of view about a really debated argument made by media critics. Is the media reducing our intellect? According to professor Pinker its not. In the essay he says that with all the technology out there intelligence is increasing at high levels. Scientists now at days are mostly using their emails, computers and other types of media but they are still discovering new things like or better than before. On the other hand he addresses that we should reduce the amount of time we use those certain media devices. Computers, cellphones, televisions are some of the devices that have become fundamental tools for us and because of this we have become too attach to them. Pinker says that we should reduce the time we use these devices and concentrate in our own things. I agree with his arguments since is true that we usually forget about things like doing some exercise only because we choose to sit down and watch a movie, also I personally do not think that media is making us stupid, on the contrary I think that this machines have helped us advance to where we are now. In that case I can say that professor Pinker is right, “knowledge is increasing exponentially; human brainpower and waking hours are not.” (Pinker 561)

President's Lecture Series | Steven Pinker


2 thoughts on “Mind Over Mass Media by Professor Steven Pinker

  1. I agree with you. We’re on the same page of understanding what Pinker said and meant about the new technologies that are presented to us today. In other words, like what Pinker said in his essay, we need to learn “self-control” to balance the use of technologies and real life.

  2. I like that you start off your reply by clearly stating all the information the reader needs to know: who wrote it, that it is a controversial topic which media critics debate, and, of course, what that topic was. You summarized the main ideas Pinker makes in his essay while giving your own opinion. Great job!
    Be cautious of repetition. You said twice “we should reduce the amount of time we use…”
    Also, I found some grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors. If you can’t find them, please talk to me after class. We are here to help you guys.

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