Racial and Social Aspects in the movie “42”

The film “42” was made to show the public the life of a baseball legend. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in major leagues baseball and is known today as the one who broke the color line in that sport. By looking at the movie we can see many social aspects of that time. For example, there was racial segregation that prevented blacks and whites from joining together in any public place or in any activity. Because of the circumstances Robinson knew how he was going to be treated based  on his skin color and in the movie we could see that he was right. He was treated differently, many people did not wanted him to be part of a major league baseball team, and many booed him in the games. However, that sort of a treatment did not stopped him from playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers and eventually he became one of the most known baseball players out there. The movie   gives us an insider view of his life and a view of the american society during the 1940’s.

Part of this video will give you a closer look at the movie and commentaries made by the cast of the film including Mrs.Rachel Robinson


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