Trying to expand the thesis statement

     During the 1940’s people were segregated based on their skin color. Whites and blacks had their own public places,neighborhoods, schools and even restrooms. In sports they were separated as well, white men had their own baseball league while black men had the Negro baseball league. The film 42 walk us through the life of the first man who broke this social barrier. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to be signed in the all white major league baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was not an easy job for him since he was prone to all the bad treatment of those who opposed the decision of him joining the team. But he continued to work on his dream and was part of a change in history. What I think of doing in my paper is to go deeper into his story as shown in the movie and get inside that social aspects that were happening at that time. Also a comparison of this society and the one at that time can be incorporated in the paper.  


One thought on “Trying to expand the thesis statement

  1. Excellent! You have chosen a very good film to analyze and your thesis is very clear on what you want to argue throughout your paper, which focuses on the negatives of racism and segregation and overcoming these social struggles by one person who can affect history. Let me know if you need further assistance. You are on the right track and yes, it would be great to compare today’s society to the one back then, but remember, it is a 3 page paper so be careful. If you need help with the outline, let me know

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