Reviews summaries

In this New York Amsterdam News review on the film  “42”  title as  “42 is a home run” the author speak positively about the movie.  Lapacazo Sandoval says that the movie clearly represents the life of Jackie Robinson and that the cast did a flawless job. The main characters of the film, Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie, delivered a good job playing the lives of Jackie and Rachel Robinson according to Sandoval. On the other hand he praises the writer/director, Brian Helgeland for putting together this movie which seems to be historically accurate. In other words, for Sandoval “42 is an excellent film choice: and a pitch-perfect family film.” I can say that I agree with Sandoval since the movie takes you back to the 1940’s and clearly shows you how hard was for a Black man as Robinson to accomplish what he did. In the second review of the film published in Sports Illustrated title as ” The magic number” the authors have the same point of view as the author of the previous review. They say that the movie was “worth to wait” and basically because it really demonstrate the life of the legend. Like they state in the article, the film “successfully” walk us through the facts although some exaggerations are made. They also talk about the good acting skills of Chadwick Boseman and as seen before we can say that the authors of both reviews agree on this. The historical concepts are also mention in the review saying that one of the most important events that affected the Civil Rights movements for good was “the baseball playing of Jackie Robinson.” Indeed, I think that this was one of the things that started to change the society that was based on segregation and opened a path of opportunities for more people. These reviews help us see that the movie “42” really shows what it is suppose to, but now is important to take a closer look into history.


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